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  The MN Constitution
Article I - Name
Musicians Network (A Georgia Tech Student Organization)

Article II - Purpose
The purpose of this organization shall be:
1. Unite musicians on campus
2. Provide and promote opportunities for members to play in the local area
3. Provide equipment and facilities to advance the musical creations of the members

Article III - Members
Section 1.
Regular Member: Any full or part-time Georgia Tech student interested in music may join the (MN). The student must be in good academic standing. Alumni member (The Dave Cater Rule) : Anyone who has taken classes at Tech may join the (MN) as an alumni member. Alumni members may not vote or hold office. Section 2.
There will be no maximum number of members.
Section 3.
Regular members may vote. Alumni members may not.
Section 4.
Any fulltime (or co-op in the local area) member is eligible to become a club officer. Alumni members may not hold office.
Section 5.
Members do not have to attend meetings.

Article IV - Officers
Section 1.
The (MN) will have a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and minister of propaganda.
Section 2. Duties of the Officers
All officers shall uphold the Constitution and seek to achieve its purpose.
Duties of the President:
Be the main instigator of club activities;
Actively assist members in the formation of bands;
Act or appoint a member to act as external liaison for campus organizations with whom the (MN) has business.
Duties of the Vice President:
Oversee the studio and practice space;
Oversee the office or desk in the Student Services building during the times that the (MN) has such facilities;
Run meetings.
Duties of the Treasurer:
Handle monetary matters;
Report balance and transactions at each meeting;
Maintain records in a public fashion;
Act as Ticket Master.
Duties of the Secretary:
Prepare and deliver newsletter each week;
Maintain current directory of members;
Check with Registrar at start of quarter to determine status of members.
Duties of the Minister of Propaganda:
Promote the (MN) in the local area;
Act as leader of the Flier Distribution Network;
Initiate membership drives.
Section 3.
Officers shall be elected by secret ballot. A majority of the total votes cast is needed to win. In the event that no one wins a majority, a runoff between the top 2 candidates will be held at the same meeting. No officer may hold any particular office for more than a total of two years. The length of the term will be one academic year, except for the minister of propaganda, who will serve for one quarter. The term will begin in Fall quarter, and at the beginning of each quarter for the minister of propaganda. New offices may be created by a 2/3 majority of attending members.
Section 4.
Any member may call for the removal of an officer for constitutional misconduct or neglect. The members will try the officer. A 3/4 majority vote of attending members is needed to remove an officer from office.
Section 5.
Proposals for the restructuring of offices and fees, and the removal of officers, etc. will be tabled for one week.

Article V - Dues
Fees for becoming a member will be collected when a potential member is ready to pay. A 2/3 majority of attending members is required to restructure fees.

Article VI - Parliamentary Procedures
All business meetings shall be governed by the procedure contained in Robert's Rules of Order. Regular meetings shall be governed by the vice president.

Article VII - Amendments
Members may propose changes to the Constitution at regular meetings. The proposed amendment will be tabled. Written notification of all members must be made by mail at least two weeks in advance of any proposed change in the constitution. After such time, members will vote on the proposal at the next meeting. Amendments require a 2/3 of majority of attending members to be approved. Amendments are subject to the approval of the Student Government and the Student Activities Committee.