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Become a sound engineer, a studio engineer, or just come to unite with fellow musicians. Become a member of the Musicians Network today!

  • Membership
    $15.00 per Georgia Tech student per year.

  • Practice Space
    $15.00 per member of band per semester.
    Under the Couch rental fee [see booking]
    Bands are required to send 1 member to the MN meeting on Monday nights at 7PM to request practice space. Space is booked up to 1 week in the future.

  • Recording Time
    $5.00 per hour.
    This fee DOES NOT include a soundman for the session, or raw materials (tapes, DATs, ADATs). Soundmen can be hired at the weekly MN meeting for varying prices, usually in the range of $10/hr. Bands need to supply ADAT tapes (S-VHS) and a DAT tape for final mixdowns. These are available at Wolf Camera & Video, Melton's Prosound, Tape Warehouse and other stores in the Atlanta area.

  • Under the Couch Rental Fee
    Under Re-evaluation -- contact the UtC Gen. Manager for more information.