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UtC Student Org Info

We provide a free space for GT student organizations to hold meetings and events. If you have checked around campus lately, that's a pretty hard thing to find!
  UtC is For You - Student Organizations

Under the Couch has cut back on the number of shows that Musicans Network can hold each month to only a few leaving around 26 nights a month that utc is open. Currently only a few organizations are using this time and our facility to their advantage. Currently no time during quite hours is being used that's from 7am to ~8pm weekdays. Amplified sound is allowed after this time for performances, parties and other things.

  • relax on couches
  • that's it, that's all you can do here..j/k
  • organize bands and put together a real concert
  • practice for upcomming performances
  • make lots of noise and not bother anybody
  • hold coffee house poetry readings
  • hold public speeches and debates
  • have parties, small scale dances, and celebrate!
  • just have a regular old meeting
  • bring a projector and watch movies in a DIY movie theaterish (with comfy couches) setting
  • weekly guaranteed meeting time available

    .. gt breakdancing, campus crusade, Erato, Freshmen Experiance, GT Greek Association, GTCN and more have already teamed up with utc. We'd be happy to host your events also!