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the knobbies of loaf
March 25th 2004

This was a free show for GT kids, $2 otherwise. There was a good turnout considering it was Thursday. pictures taken by Whitney

Here's a rundown of the show:

Drex - the singer/guit, Erich is the UtC IT/webpage guy. erich went crazy as the rest of the band stayed perfectly still. the rock was brought with trippy psycodelic vocals.

the rest of the bands played on the floor after this

Life is a Fight - including Athens Jake! their set ended with everybody laying down on the floor

I Would Etc. - the drummer Paul is the UtC Gen. Manager (ex pres) paul went crazy with the clock radio and whitney (UtC Pres) made a guest apperance playing chaotic synth

Nor Am I - they brought the breakdowns! They are on Jason's (UtC alumni) record label brandname records and he made an apperance at the show

utc sure does rock!
  The Rock You Missed Thursday the 25th

life be a fight
life is a fight
i would set my person a blaze for ya
i would set myself on fire for you
nor a gami
nor am i

Rest of the pictures are here, thanks whitney!
I'm just gonna throw em up here for now! enjoy

Nor Am I
x x x

I wound etc
x x x

life is a fight
x x x

x x x