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So that's how it went

Here's the history of UTC from what anybody could find just by searching at google. But mines in chronological order.. sooo yeay! go utc!

  The History of UTC in the Media

Oct 22nd 1992 - SGA Considers UTC
1994-1997 - Woa! Old MN Minutes!!
Sept. 22nd 1995 - Original UTC opening
March 1st, 1996 - Under the Couch gets reappolstered
Jun 4th, 1996 - Some one else that Helped design utc Randy McDowl
April 11th, 1997 - Apathy at GaTech
Oct 3, 1997 - Music lovers should goto UTC often
Oct 7th 1997 - #33 Freshmen Exp. wonders if UTC is open, yet?
Sometime 1998 - WREK live at UTC
Feb 27th 1998 - UTC cafe Online Ordering Software Spec
August 7th 1998 - UTC under attach from Space Planning
August 21st, 1998 - UTC remains in the hands of the students
Oct. 4th 1998 - #33 Freshmen Exp. wonders if UTC is open, anymore?
Oct. 9, 1998 - USC supports UTC
Oct. 28 1998 - It's official, UTC will stay
Jan. 15th 1999 - New stuff at UTC (check out the sign!)
Jan. 15th 1999 - UTCs first Rebuild
Jan. 29 1999 - Technique The Eternal Sisters at UTC
Feb. 12 1999 - Replacement of Marriot by Cruspus at UTC
Feb. 26, 1999 - Music on Campus
March 9th 1999 - Another stab at online food ordering for UTC cafe
March 31st 1999 - CLUBnights at UTC starts with mocktails (fake cocktails?)
April 16th 1999 - Swing night at UTC
April 16th 1999 - Battle of the bands good for utc
May 21st 1999 More weird comedy acts at UTC
Juni 15th 1999 - talking about the french restaurant in UTC in french!
Jan. 1st 2000 - Former Treasurer Paul Travis
August 25th, 2000 UTC does stuff for Tech Music Lovers
Feb 9th 2001 - WREK tries to 'hook up' people at UTC
Feb 20th, 2001 - Student Focus Group Talking about moving UTC
April 6th 2001 - New SGA president promisses to build deck outside UTC
July 13th 2001 - UtC hosts parallel event with FASET.. for homosexuals
July 13th 2001 - UTC has awesome summer shows that later will wins award
and brings up 2nd shutdown threat

Sept 19th, 2001 - Creative Loafing - Best All Ages Venue
Sept. 27th 2002 - UTC underfire.. issues being resolved
Sept. 27th 2002 - What the Students think about the silly changes
Nov 1st, 2002 - UTC Changes Detrimental to Campus
Nov 1st, 2002 - SGA Supports Utc
Oct. 7th 2003 - FAB - UTC is westside pride (but nobody knows what it is)
Jan. 20th 2004 - SGA doesn't give UTC money
Feb. 10th 2004 - SGA gave UTC Money for Risk Management
UTC created by GT Students with Presidents Scholarship

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Wow! That practice time booking page is sweet! Does it work? Way to go Erich!
- the Ninja herself
You mean he dropped his chopsticks! idiot!!
- Yoshimatsu-san
I heard once that Lauren Ellis became a ninja and that one time in a diner, this guy dropped a fork and lauren slaughtered the entire town!
- Mikayaki-san
wow, great pics from the Nov 6th show. wish i could be around to see all these great things happening at utc. you guys are awesome.
- Lauren sensei
clouds always move in front the moon. and they often look like meatballs
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