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the knobbies of loaf
Jan 28th 2004

This was the first of the free show series for GT kids, $4 otherwise. The turn out was excellent, i think they're was food involved. pictures taken by Whitney

Here's a rundown of the show:

First off Cilantro from 99x came up on stage and tried to introduce his buds Plan B (who were only invited because of UFC knew them). He was talking about how cool they were for being ex-hardcore drug users. This didn't fly over to well with the mostly Tech kids crowd and he just got a bunch of weird looks.

Plan B - A bunch of old guys with bald heads. They brought really boring alt rockbtw, thanks for the sticker on the toilet Plan B you're never allowed back at UTC again! no more doo-doo rock.

Here Comes the Metric System - including an MN member Jorden on bass very vocal oriented sounded completly awesome after Plan B!

Used for Comparison - A ton of people from campus came to see these guys the house was packed when they played. it was fun! but why did they have to bring plan b?

We vs the Shark - omg these guys are amazing. It was technical excellence and the first time they played at UTC as a 4 piece!The bass player confessed he just wanted to rock in the audiance over play in the band and ran around the room playing a cymbol for a few songs.

i certainly went home happy
Free Show!
First of the free rock show series in 2004

Used for Comparison Used for Comparison
Used for Comparison

Athens bands rockin We Vs the Shark
We Vs The Shark

...theres more pictures to come from this show