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the knobbies of loaf
May 16th 2004

Great turn out for a Sunday night! 28 GT students and 30 others($3). It was the first hot and humid show of the summer but all together a success. pictures taken by Whitney/ video by erich

Here's a rundown of the show:

sids - Crazy set up with cardboard cutouts, you gotta see the pictures! Dim lighting led to a huge pillow fight as all the couch cussions were removed and tossed all over the place.

coulier - did their thing shirtless. dudical!

we versus the shark - I love this band more and more everytime they play here! They played on the floor and were ohh so much fun!

The happy box

Travis thanks for dinner! (cooked rice medly and salad yum!)

Shoutout to the new tech girl from southern! thanks for comming to the show!

thanks kinkos-paul, skiles-whitney, lil5-jana
good flyerin guys!
no thankyou erich for making the flyer
thanks to that actually put us up

this show was photographed-whitney, videotaped-erich (didn't quite turn out), and recorded-larry(still in huge form) so we'll see how much of it makes it up here on the site.

thanks to everybody who played (wvts!) & came out!

check out that crazy paper cut out keyboard player! everybody loves gavin! pillow fight!!! sids = way cool

couliermotion coulier all lit up coulier don

we vs the shark
we vs the shark oh so glorious we vs the shark vs the pink

Here was the lovely flyer put up for this show