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    "i'm not on pay-roll but i'd like an egg-roll"
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      About UTC...

    Under the Couch (utc) is a live event venue on the campus of the Georgia Institute of Technology in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Musician's Network (MN) is the Georgia Tech student organization that runs utc, facilitating live shows in addition to providing GT students with practice and storage space as well as 16-track studio recording facilities. MN meetings are held at 7pm every Monday night during regular school semesters in the couch building on west campus and are open to all GT students and alumni. More information on MN and utc operations is available via this website, the MN website, or by contacting any of the officers listed on the contact page.

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    the best of the olden days


      Some New Stuff on the Site

  • Musician's Network Member Management website

  • GT Students let us know what bands you want to see at UTC: Here
  • Download audio from the latest shows: Nov 6th,2004
  • pics from some of the more recent MN sponsored shows: Jan 20th, 2004 Nov 6th, 2004
  • UTC is going on 10 years! Some History of UTC in the News: Here

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    Wow! That practice time booking page is sweet! Does it work? Way to go Erich!
    - the Ninja herself
    You mean he dropped his chopsticks! idiot!!
    - Yoshimatsu-san
    I heard once that Lauren Ellis became a ninja and that one time in a diner, this guy dropped a fork and lauren slaughtered the entire town!
    - Mikayaki-san
    wow, great pics from the Nov 6th show. wish i could be around to see all these great things happening at utc. you guys are awesome.
    - Lauren sensei
    clouds always move in front the moon. and they often look like meatballs
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    Crimson Spectra, you left your guitar at UTC. come and get it before i eat it...

    UtC was Creative Loafing's Best of Atlanta 2001/2002 :: UTC will be the best again! just you wait!
    What types of bands played at UtC in the past? the best of the olden days you foundn me! dang!

    code-weatherupdate is bRoken!