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UTC Committiees

Get Involved!
Musician network members have the oportunity to help run Under the Couch and make the venue better than ever. Committiees have weekly discussions on topics, plans and ideas in the UTC forum. Meetings are arranged sometimes when something important arrises. Committies have weekly reports at the MN meeting. To join a Committiee stop by the Musician's Network meetings on Monday at 7pm and ask an officer.


  • aren't required to take responsibilities
  • easy way to get to know the utc old foggies
  • fun and a sense that your doing something
  • rewarded by seeing awesome bands play at utc
  •   Booking Committiee

  • scout out local talent (go to shows or hit up purevolume, etc)
  • find contacts (record labels, promoters, other college venues)
  • contact bands
  • choose who you want to play at utc
  • plan alternative events

  •   Advertising Committiee

  • design flyers and other material
  • explore different modes of getting the word out
  • chalk
  • screen printing for posters etc
  • flyer distribution

  •   Technology Committiee

  • web page design
  • create pages and articles for the utc website (web masters)
  • help automate utc with computers
  • help build and operate our clustered server
  • develope applications for running a venue (sync multiple cameras, hq audio, photos etc)

  •   UTC Well-being Committiee

  • fix things at utc (studio/live sound system/facility)
  • redesign the interior/exterior
  • lighting/painting/buliding/etc
  • plan events to make utc better