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the knobbies of loaf
Jan 28th 2004

Another free show for the techies. and... Great turn out! pictures taken by Whitney

Here's a rundown of the show:

The Lasch - Lots of people were in the crowd for this one. First show with the brand new bass player and since whitney got back from france and first with 'the box' which died when we ran out to get stuff for the other bands :/ it sounded different than planned, thanks to left of rust for the amp borrowing

Me and Him Call it US - wild, and the set was put on pause half way through as the guitar player went to his car to get something just the two of us

Left to Rust - A Lot of people were there to see these guys They're good now you should go see them if they're ever playing around here

Coulier - Bring the three piece rock like they always do Athens does it again.

i don't remember much since it's now oct 21st, dang i'm slow
Free Show!
Another of the free rock show series in 2004

Me and Him Call it us Me and him we call it Utopia
Me and Him Call it Us

Roswell was Left to Rust These guys sounded like Small Brown Bike
Left to Rust

Athens music always rocks Coulier pronounced cool-yeay

...the lasch was only photographed on camera phones
and nobody knows how to get those pictures off :/