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UtC Music People Info

Come to the meetings and mingle. You don't have to be a member and it's fun!

Being an officer, joining a committiee, learning to record, running shows, getting into shows free, getting a free tshirt, and other things require a yearly MN membership.

  UtC is For You - Music Listeners

Under the Couch was founded and is operated by the Muscian's Network. The Musician's Network is an organization that has been around for over a decade at Georgia Tech. The soul purpose of MN is to bring musicians and music lovers together to mingle like only msuic people do. If you having a hard time trying to understand why Under the Couch can be good for you, here's a few suggestions.

  • join a committiee and help out utc and the music scene
  • learn to play an instrument and come to open mic to learn how to perform
  • make awesome friends that like music like crazy
  • take recording class, learn how to record
  • get to see how a venue runs
  • talk your favorite bands to play here
  • learn how to be a sound tech guru
  • unite!

    ..plenty of people who haven't played a single musical instrument have been a part of MN over the years, if you're at GT student and appreciate music don't miss out.