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the knobbies of loaf
Nov 06th 2004

Best free show for the techies yet. pictures taken by Whitney & Erich

Here's a rundown of the show:

From Exile - Tech kids can play killer metal too Most of the tech students probably came out to see their friends in this band, which is awesome, thanks guys!

I would set myself on fire for you - does it again, on the floor performance later referenced by circle takes the square as 'some crucial stuff'

Crimson Spectra - from North Carolina, they left their backup guitar here, i guess that's what you get for leaving before the shows over i didn't get to see them, but they got fake blood stains on our stage carpet!

Blame Game - Also rocked it out on the floor, they had cool lamps too that gave it a 'old time living room rock show' felling First time I saw these guys & I totally agree, on of the best bands in Georgia, their from atlanta so go see them!

Circle Take the Square - Last show on tour, really awesome, they came back to our stage as a four piece this time around. They weren't as loud as before, but it sounded great. They're nice guys & girl!

You can download audio from this show here

amazingly awesome show!

The happy box

Whitney said she was about to cry she when Vicky gave her the attendance sheet and she saw the unbelievable tech turnout! thanks tech people!

cool edit (now adobe audition) is the best software ever. Kevin D. and Erich acidentally turned off the computer before saving 'I would's set', but it recovered on reboot!

first night with the water coolers, we went through two hundred cups and everyone seemed happily hydrated. utc water was extra special yellow tonight so Paul and Erich got the water to fill them from Vicky's dorm showers (shh don't tell anyone) haha.

What a good time, bummer jana had to work, she did an excellent job advertising though! Thanks J!

Another of the free rock shows in 2004!
whitney's pictures
From Exile (Atlanta[GT])

click to see it better! click to see it better!

I Would Set Myself on Fire for You (Atlanta[GT]/Athens)

click to see it better! click to see it better! click to see it better!

Crimson Spectra (North Carolina?)

click to see it better! click to see it better! click to see it better!

Blame Game (Atlanta :: from here!)

click to see it better! click to see it better!

Circle Takes the Square (Savannah)

click to see it better! click to see it better! Circle Takes the Square
Other pictures from the night

It was packed inside! It was also packed outside 1st time we had water!!! yes! hydration finally!

erich's pictures

Blame Game (Atlanta :: from here!)

Look at all the UTC hoodlums Stevo from I would etc. watching blame game blame game is  amazing! blame game had cool lamps yo

Circle Takes the Square (Savannah)

Paul and Brian help them Circle Takes the Square -- has a goast in it We totally recorded this show.. see Circle Takes the Square Circle Takes the Square<
I didn't get my camera until blame game played so I didn't get pictures of the others :/

OMG Did Advertising Work?
or was it because the bands rock?

Over 144 Tech students left their dorm rooms and homepark houses for this show!! maybe the awesome turnout was because of the heavy advertising? campus got flyerd multiple times. paul and erich flyered little five points. you can see whitney's flyer on the top left and jana's across the bottom. thanks atlantashows for putting us up early! more shows need to learn from this show..or something

best turn out all year!