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the knobbies of loaf


These recordings are to be used for reference only? If you like the bands, go buy their CD, it will sound better. Support these bands when they come to your town!

If you are in or work with one of these bands and wish for us to take down the recording, email here, and they will be taken down quickly. Thank you!

  Nov 6 2004 - live at utc

These are large mp3s encoded at 160kbps 44khz. Right click, save and give them time to download.

From Exile (41M)
I Would Set Myself on Fire For you (41M)
Crimson Sprectra (31M)
Blame Game (43M)
Circle Take the Square (57M)

  Random Extra Information

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SHOWS ALL this Weekend
$5 | free w/ Buzzcard ::::: usually start around 8:30pm

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Saturday Nov.6th
- Circle Takes The Square (Savannah)
- Crimson Spectre (North Carolina)
- Blame Game (Atl)
- I would set myself on fire for you (Atl[GT] & Athens)
- From Exile (Atl GT)

Sunday Nov.7th
- Tora Tora Torrence (Minneapolis, MN)
- Bullet Train To Vegas (long beach, CA)
- G and the Live Oaks(Atl)
Sat & Sun 8.30pm
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