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A good way to see your favorite bands... and a good way for us to find out who you want to see.

Remember UTC will only fit about 275 people so we can't have like Creed (barf) come play here. No mainstream popular bands, they just wont fit, plus they'll ask for $10,000 like Hot, Hot, heat (lame). So think small, but awesome.


  • No mainstream bands
  • GT Students only

    -Utc DIY committee

  • Favorite bands for UTC | Submit your wish
    Wow! That practice time booking page is sweet! Does it work? Way to go Erich!
    - the Ninja herself
    You mean he dropped his chopsticks! idiot!!
    - Yoshimatsu-san
    I heard once that Lauren Ellis became a ninja and that one time in a diner, this guy dropped a fork and lauren slaughtered the entire town!
    - Mikayaki-san
    wow, great pics from the Nov 6th show. wish i could be around to see all these great things happening at utc. you guys are awesome.
    - Lauren sensei
    clouds always move in front the moon. and they often look like meatballs
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