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the knobbies of loaf
January 21 2005

The El Scorcho rock show with Slushco, and the Love Drunks. This show brough em all out!

photos by Kevin D

Here was the show:

Sluscho - Opened it up with some hot stuff.

The Love Drunks - Some intense stage presence

El Scorcho - Wow, was that Weezer? I think it was. All the techies came out to see them rawk the house. In the end, the singer from The Love Drunks came on stage to do a little number with El Scorcho.
Quick shot of the awesome people that help to make UTC killer.
Gate Keepers Erichs Awesome Sign

Sluscho Drummer Man! Crazy Bassist

Look it's really Weezer playing... wait no...
Rivers! Weezer Rawks Da Drumma

Quick shots of our awesome crowd...
The Crowd The Crowd AGAIN! Woah!