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UtC Advertising Committee

This committee is in charge of getting the word out for utc events. If you like or would like to do any of the things below you should definitely come to a MN meeting on Monday nights at 7pm and join the team!

  • design flyers
  • design table tents
  • design stickers & t-shirts
  • paint the sidewalks
  • paint on banners
  • help out DIY music!
  • creatively try to understand what makes Tech students tick

    For more info visit
    [UTC Committiees]
  •   I saw you guys painting on the sidewalk! Illegal! Illegal!! ahhhh!!

    Yess! Not to worry grasshopper.. It comes off super easy (faster than regular chalk). It's a special formula developed by an old member of musicians network who also doubles as a chemist. He wont tell us what's in it but he assures us it's non-toxic (he'll even consume it to prove it.. yea crazy!) As an alternative to chalk it looks great & is, at least we think, an effective way to get the word out about UtC events.

    Oh & if you see someone with a fertilizer sprayer and broom spraying off old UtC events chalking, ask them how the show went! If it looks like it's not going to rain for a long time we'll send someone out to remove the outdated sidewalk chalk. This saves you from having to read old crap and makes room for other organizations on campus to do their thang.

    *sorry we can't give you any of our special formula sidewalk stuff to paint your roommates computer red while they are sleeping. someone already asked =)

      I've seen the flying ~u~. What's that all about??

    UtC has had it's times in the past where it looked like the end was near. But each time the Students of Georgia Tech came together to support the most interesting and cultural student run facility. Then out of no where came this design to signify the spirit of all the past magic that utc has witnessed since the mid-early 90s..

    What's more, every 4/5/6 years there's almost an entirely new face to the GT campus as new students arrive and the old move on. Only a fraction of the student body that came together to save UTC in that past are still here. About a year ago it was estimated that not more than 20% of students on campus even knew what UTC was. This was during a slow time of UtC's operation rebuilding. But now UtC is back!

    So, let's tie some strings to the flying ~u~ logo and let it take UtC and DIY music on GT campus into infinity+!