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Welcome to the UtC Video Section. Here you can videos and clips of performances at Under The Couch. Also, keep an out for the UtC documentary coming out soon. It will be nice... and informative! You will need Quicktime to view the movies, which you can obtain for free at If the movie doesn't download, its probably because our video/audio server is down. In that case, send an e-mail to Kevin and he should be cool about it, or he will just get real angry (at the server, not you).


Forever Changed (February 26th, 2005) - Kevin got a digital camcorder for Xmas, so this is the first concert he taped. The video is a short hodgepodge clip of the bands that played that night including Across Five Aprils, A Farewell to Arms, Another Broken Vehicle, Caldwell, and Abendnego.

(April 1st, 2005)

Alex Petrounov - You Got Me Goin' - Upbeat, hip song, it rawks.

Alex Petrounov - It's Alright - Cool song, good vocals, need I say more? If you think that I do need to say more, e-mail me ->

(April 8th, 2005)

Group X helping out the lonely Tech guys.