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the knobbies of loaf
Welcome to the UtC Photo Section. Here you'll find many great Under the Couch moments captured on film. Ahh finally it's getting there we can almost make photo albums with ease so keep your peepers open for em. The kids love photos and so do we! Say Cheese!

Pic of da year, hah lazyness is cool
This is what it looks like when facilities actually waxes our floor which is really cool! They did it not to long ago too! Some of the facilities people hide out in UTC and sleep and snore alot, lazy bums!

Picture Albums

UTC Feb. 11th 2oo6 Rock Show - Last November, The Californias, The Actual
UTC Jan 21st 2005 Free Rock Show - El Scorcho, Slushco, The Love Drunks.
UTC Nov 06th 2004 Rock Show - From Exile, I would etc, Crimson Spectre, Blame Game, Circle Takes the Square
UTC Sept 11th 2004 Rock Show - Lasch, Me and Him.., Left to rust,Coulier!
UTC May 16th 2004 Indie Rock Show - Beginning of summer Dance party show!
UTC April 18th 2004 Rock Show - Harbour and Anchor and sailboat & boatdock (j/k) w/ florida band show
UTC March 25th 2004 Rock Show - A show that just happened to have a lot of utc peeps performing
UTC Jan 23rd 2004 Rock Show - First Free for GT show in 04!
UTC Jan 18th 2004 Show - A Sunday Night Dollar Jam!
UTC Old Timers Pics - pics from the golden era of UtC, the 90s and early 00s.