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Your at the UTC Quotes section. Here you can find random quotes from bands and others about music, life, wounderful memories of utc ... pretty much anything goes. Right now this feature is brand-new. It will be filling up as soon as we get this thing off the ground.


"awesome it works!" -erich
putting the website back together [jan 16, 2004]

"Y'all should turn down the suck" -Paul Hobson
In response to, "How does everything sound?"

"This music is spanktastic!" -a guy in the crowd
at the I would spank myself on fire show

"Could we have some more beer in the monitors?" -Circle A
some redneck band that Alex saw in savannah [2002]

"I guess anybody can buy a drumkit.. too bad you can't buy energy." -paul
possibly in response to the last band who played the [april 18th 2004 show]

"In case of an emergency.. stop drop and roll" -erich
there use to be this pager you called in case of emergency for utc. but since it's gone this is the new advice

"what the hell is up with the dancing lobster" -a guy
i got this off it's one of old quotes before the crash, i have no idea what it's about

"there's too many hippies in berkley" -chris choppa style corso
on why he is gatech-ing for grad school!!!

"I don't have good hygiene, I have lowgiene" -paul
talking about while on tour.. and maybe in general [april 17th, 2004]

"go paul, shake it like a salt shaker" -whitney
commenting paul shaking a shaker on the recording of first lasch song [April 28, 2004]

"you can't get to heaven on rollerskates" -jana
I think she was talking about licking a battery? [april 19 2004]

"only users lose drugs!" -nick (quoting alex)
nick quoting his brother alex at Lauren E. last night in the USA party [May 12th, 2004]

"I'm gonna go home and paint s%$# I think.." -travis
after the we vs the shark show [May 16, 2004]

"let's play something hot and spicy like the mac n' cheese!" -whitney
after eating Erich's spicy rotel/macncheese at the MN officer's summer retreat on St. George Island, Florida [May 04]

"i don't have a one liner.. but i do have a baby leg." -travis
at the sids show they had baby dolls on stage and santiago handed him a baby leg when erich asked him to say a one liner about utc for the faset video [may 16th, 2004]

"if it's yellow let it mellow" -utc bathroom wall
graffiti in the bathroom from the olden days

"dissin' utc is like dissin your mom" -whitney
[sept. 11, 2004 show]

"Maybe that was the last book they read..." -Jordan Moore
possibly describing a band who played 6July2004

"Stop misquoting people, Paul." -Some guy
Desribing a misquotation further up on this page.

"i'm not on pay-roll but i'd like an egg-roll" -erich
written on payroll application for georgia tech employee pay to get payed for woodystock

"It's fried!" -Ryan "Deep fried or cajun?" -matt
when Ryan dangling from the rickety old ladder changing the bulbs for the utc sign [otc, 25 2004]

"Not everybody has to make money to make a living" -paul
it's actually true what he said, but it was funny because he was tryin to say not everybody has to make music.. talking about an interview with Modest Mouse [oct 25, 2004]

"stuff over there for sale, my business leader tells me to talk about that before the.. i gotta work on my selling skills *sigh* i try to push a lot of .. units. i feel really crappy *sigh* because he tries to talk to me and he's like 'you gotta get agreessive, and i can't agressivly sell so i'm just gonna put it out there.. sorry " -Ian (Blame Game)
funny intro to the show [nov 6th 2004]

"its like .. trying to play a new song at a show and it might be ready .. then you go and play it and screw it up and people throw their shark tooth necklaces at you" -travis h.
on rushing to get new utc policy ready for a show that weekend [Feb 8th, 2005]

""dang"" -travis h
in response to just about everything in january/february 2005

"good call" -erich
dang those lights are bright

"don't fix it can tell its broken." -michael
talking to his friend chase reguarding his computer.

"As for the tube factor, I just know they are awesome to look at" -jordan m.
advice for "should i replace the 1800W power amp with some low wattage tube deal to color the digital sound more?" helping erich build is custom guitar rig with the basics, wood & speakers [Feb 05]

"need more colorful lights!" -jon drews
colorful lights are nifty. they make pretty pictures.

"focus on the future without forgetting your past" -

""this press and seal doesn't press and seal"" -adri
trying to cover up her fudge